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Summer Showers Overwhelm Your Sump Pump System in Lakeville

6/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Summer Showers Overwhelm Your Sump Pump System in Lakeville Even the best sump pumps can only keep up with minimal flooding. Once the water starts coming in rapidly, call SERVPRO to dry your basement.

Our Customized Plan Deals Quickly with Flooding on Your Property

Early summer rains over several days saturate the ground, forcing moisture into basements and walkout lower levels. Even if your home has a sump pump, it may not be up to the task of removing relentless incursions of water. Rely upon SERVPRO to take over the water extraction tasks, and then move on to restore the damage done by the moisture.
Recent storms dumped many inches of rain south of the Minnesota River, causing flood damage to your Lakeville home. The sump pump system installed became clogged with debris and then failed when high winds knocked down power lines nearby. We step in when your best-laid plans go awry, offering solutions that only a full-service disaster restoration company delivers.
Fast moving storms race in from the Dakotas, bringing rain and winds that challenge the power grid. SERVPRO begins pumping and extracting water using truck-mounted equipment not dependent upon local electrical services, a great relief to you and your family. Once the water exits your basement or walkout lower level, our crew changes up the equipment, positioning air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture content of your home’s structure and interior air fast.
The trained technicians at SERVPRO assess the walls and floors of your basement, looking for areas where building materials show signs of failing. Cinderblock usually dries out well, but we search for areas within where pockets of water collect and use strategies to release that water, including drilling holes for drainage or extracting from the top. Carpeting responds well to drying in place if done as soon as possible after the flood. Padding fares less well, but we remove and replace it at a reasonable cost, and pulling it up allows us to direct air under the carpet for faster drying. If wet for a brief period, drywall survives using moisture reduction techniques, but replacement is standard if the fibers begin to crumble.
SERVPRO helps you inventory and evaluate the condition of items stored in the basement. We use a staging area on your property, often a garage or covered porch, to determine whether any documents, pictures, or other keepsakes need special attention. It is essential to successful drying of this type of property that the contents of boxes and storage boxes be reviewed quickly. You work with the team to decide what items receive freeze drying or other treatments our staff provides for papers and photos.
Flood damage takes you by surprise, but SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville has the certified staff to manage all aspects of recovery. Call us immediately after the water rushes in at (952) 846-4400 to schedule an assessment.

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Quality Fire Damage Restoration Services Available In Burnsville

6/1/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Quality Fire Damage Restoration Services Available In Burnsville Burnsville Fire Damage Gets Restoration from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Restores Properties in Burnsville After Smoke & Fire Damage

Flames, heat, charring, smoke, ash, and soot all cause damage to various surfaces found throughout your home. Dealing with issues like this can be unpleasant, especially when attempting to clean residues and particles from personal items you would rather not lose.

Most of the fire damage you find in your Burnsville area home is caused by small carbon particles that fail to burn completely during the event. Some spark out of the area during combustion, others get pushed out by heat. Each fire produces different results, requiring the professional attention of a restoration specialist to correct the situation properly.
SERVPRO’s expertly trained technicians face incidents like this nearly every day. We encounter smoke damages that cause discoloration, stain surfaces and produce foul odors. Smoke residues and rising heat can produce burn patterns on your walls or ceiling that make cleaning nearly impossible. Damages like blistering and bubbling from heat can develop on various items throughout the affected area that might require repairs, instead of attempting restoration.  
SERVPRO deodorization technicians understand how to deal with bad smoke odors caused by the buildup of ash and soot during a fire. Using the proper cleaning and deodorization methods, equipment, and experience, we can help eliminate strong, stubborn odors that permeate draperies, carpeting, and other furnishings found throughout your home.  
Working with a professional fire damage mitigation company, like SERVPRO, gives you access to qualified professionals that want to help get things back to normal quickly. We often produce quality results working with materials that others find easier to consider a loss. Giving us an opportunity to save a majority of your items, prevent secondary damages, and help you learn how to protect your family from future events that may occur.
If you have issues concerning fire, smoke, or water damage due to firefighting efforts, we can help. Time is such a major influence on the quality of results you may receive, that you never want to hesitate to call for assistance. The sooner you make the call, the better the results can be.  
Contact SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville to obtain access to professionally trained technicians that work hard to produce quality results you deserve. (952) 846-4400

When an Event Center is Affected by Commercial Water Damage in Burnsville

5/21/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial When an Event Center is Affected by Commercial Water Damage in Burnsville Conference backgrounds are key to how the presenter will be perceived. Call SERVPRO to remediate any water staining at you location.

SERVPRO Technicians Thoroughly Remediate Water Damage at Your Business Location

Many organizations and groups, as well as individuals, rely on event centers to provide adequate space for their presentations and conferences. When these events are conducted, photographs and videos are often taken, not for memory's sake but rather to produce filler for posts and pages on websites and enhance future pamphlets and other printed media.
Burnsville event centers must have immaculate backgrounds for these videos and photographs to turn out well, but any sign of commercial water damage can ruin these at any angle. Water stains might not be as visible to those present in the area, but on film, imperfections can become more pronounced. Besides, water damage is real harm, and it should always be eliminated by repairs and restorative work. When water stains walls and ceilings, painting over the unsightly areas is not enough. SERVPRO has technicians who are certified in both AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation) and Water Damage Restoration (WRT), making our company the natural choice for situations involving all types of water damage.
Ensuring that the water has been stopped at its source, regardless of where that might be located, we can help prevent future water stains and other problems from developing in your facility. This type of damage, which exists under many different situations, can form several different kinds of secondary water damage in an extremely short period.
Making sure that new water is unable to flow into an area in the future is good insurance to have before repairing any water damage. Water stains might be the current damage type, but the deterioration of wood underlay or the rusting of the metal framework within walls could happen the next time water or even increased moisture is present. Since it is so easy for water to damage so much, we use hygrometers to ensure that moisture levels are returned where they should be.
We take readings before work begins, as we work, and then again when we have completed the restoration. Initial readings are made of dry areas, to give us a goal of how dry your facility is under normal conditions, and of affected areas, to inform us of how saturated an area is. The differences help us determine what equipment is required and how long a job might take. The information gained also shows us what our goal should be for attaining dry levels again in areas with water damage.
SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville is committed to helping you provide the best setting for your own clients, and their customers in turn. We know that when your facility is in need of repairs, that you want things restored to like-new again. Call us at (952) 846-4400, and we can make it “Like it never even happened” again.

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Concealed Water Causes Big Problems in Burnsville

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Concealed Water Causes Big Problems in Burnsville Don't let water lurk in your modern kitchen and turn into a mold infestation. Call SERVPRO to remediate any suspected water damage fast.

SERVPRO Roots Out Hidden Water in Your Home

It is surprising how many places water finds to hide in a high-end kitchen. Custom cabinets, built in appliances, and tiled floors extending under all fixtures contain water that drips or leaks. You need a professional team and clever plan to eliminate hidden pockets of water. SERVPRO technicians have the curiosity, experience, and training to locate and rid your home of water lurking where it should not be.
Hoses and pipes snake through your kitchen, and a crack or poorly fitting connector means water removal is in the future of your Burnsville home. You expect plumbing in the walls, but today's ice makers, dishwashers, built-in water dispensers, and main floor laundries cause water to be routed everywhere, often behind or through storage areas. Tight seals between the bases of cabinets and floors hold in water that leaks, seeps, or condenses.
Your first clue that you have water pooling under cabinets or appliances might be tell-tale growing dark marks on the ceiling tiles below your kitchen. An “off” smell also warns of water that needs removal, particularly if mold or mildew takes hold. If you cannot find the water causing problems in your home, give the skilled technicians at SERVPRO a try. Trained to detect where water moves from the initial leak, our staff finds the source and devises a plan to remove the water and dry out your structure and fixtures.
Expect our team to pry the kick-plates off the bottom of your cabinetry, locating areas where water collects. Water extractors pull the moisture out, followed by scientifically arranged air movers and dehumidifiers to complete the drying process. We also consider aiming the movers under the subfloor of the kitchen, staging them a level down in your home, aiming up. If ceiling tiles are removable, we pop them out to get more air in the proper areas.
The flooring, including the subfloor, needs evaluation as well. Our crew measures moisture levels to determine whether drying mats might be appropriate to extract more moisture from above and below the surface. SERVPRO professionals set drying targets to ensure no lingering dampness causes rot or mold damage.
Water removal is a core service offered by SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville. Call for an inspection at (952) 846-4400 if you suspect hidden water damages your kitchen.

Spring Brings Flooding in the Minnesota Valley

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Spring Brings Flooding in the Minnesota Valley Flooding can be devastating. Call SERVPRO to quickly come out and remediate.

SERVPRO's Technicians are Equipped to Remove Water From Your Flooded Property

The course of the Minnesota River frequently threatens the surrounding area with flooding. Residents in the area stay aware of the possibilities of water encroachment to protect their homes, particularly during the spring. If waterways near your home rise past their banks and move toward your dwelling SERVPRO needs to be your first call.
Surviving flood damage near the river in Burnsville demands a quality water restoration company by your side. The geography features low-lying areas below soaring cliffs. The area is beautiful but sometimes threatens watery danger as this tributary to the MIssisssippi River makes its way to the confluence. Never regret making this compelling landscape your home when we respond to unwanted water in your basement.
Usually, local authorities predict the rising waters and homeowners use a range of methods to protect their property. If your strategy falls through and water enters your home, we arrive as soon as we can after your call to put the water in its place. SERVPRO has equipment matched precisely to local flooding issues. We use truck mounted submersible pumps and water extractors to move the water out quickly and completely. Remaining moisture decreases in quantity rapidly after we position powerful air movers and dehumidifiers in the previously flooded areas.
We stress that our services are most effective if we arrive as soon as possible after the waters flow into your lower levels. Water that stands for several days has the potential to support mold and other microbial growth. Flood waters from the river carry the risk of infectious waste brought from upstream, making speedy removal urgently important. Any fixtures and furnishings in your lower levels risk contamination when river flooding soaks them. Fast flood water removal gives you the best chance of retaining your possessions without the fear of unhealthy substances saturating them.
Our staff measures moisture levels with precisely calibrated instruments as we dry out your home, not leaving anything to guessing or chance. Only when the structure and contents reach recommended readings do we cease our efforts. We educate you about signs of secondary damage and urge you to contact us again immediately if musky smells or continued dampness signal that the water removal needs another boost.
Your local SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville is your first defense against the flood damage the Minnesota River delivers. Call (952) 846-4400 to be certain a fully trained and equipped crew inspects and treats your home during flood season.

Back to Business in Burnsville After Water Damage Restoration

4/5/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Back to Business in Burnsville After Water Damage Restoration Make sure that your shoe store, or any other kind of business, doesn't shut down because of water damages by calling SERVPRO quickly after an event.

SERVPRO's Quick Response Facilitates Better Results and Lessens the Chances of Secondary Damages

Your store has good traffic in its location amid other shops, restaurants, and “big box” anchors in a regional shopping mall. You share the browsers and the buyers with other tenants, and you also partake in the accidents of your neighboring retailers. When another business’s bad luck visits you, SERVPRO comes to the rescue.
When a fast food outlet upstairs suffered significant commercial water damage after a sink drain backed up, your Burnsville shoe store experienced tainted water soaking through your ceiling and into your office and storage area. Although the damage is behind the scenes, your inventory and business records are at risk. The faster you engage a full-service disaster recovery company, the better, and our local team pledges to be on your site within hours of your call.
Water from a clogged drain requires immediate action. The chances of microbial growth are higher when the source of water is gray or black, contaminated with food debris or sewage. Be certain to let the SERVPRO crew know the water saturating your back office is unclean, so they take proper precautions. Expect us to recommend moving inventory away from the wet areas, possibly moving some of your stock to a secure storage facility. Our staff works with you and your designated employees to inventory the items we relocate. We then get to work drying out ceilings and walls with our specialized air movers and dehumidifiers. Trust us to notify you when the potential for mold growth or other infestation is of concern. Although we stress restoration, removing dangerously contaminated drywall and ceiling tiles may be necessary if the water is full of contaminants.
Paper documents damaged by moisture need specialized attention. To save them or at least be able to capture the information they contain we use a sublimation technique, again off site, that first freezes and then removes the water from paper without returning it to a liquid state. You decide which documents are crucial and we concentrate on them as sublimation is an expensive and complicated process.
As we restore and repair your space, SERVPRO also takes every opportunity to complete our work while your store remains open. Your insurance claim is also a task we help document, as some inventory may need to be discarded for health and safety reasons. If you remain open and cover losses with your own or your landlord’s insurance, this crisis need not be a setback with our help.
Do not let someone else’s mistake becomes your headache. Count on SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville to guide you through the process of water damage restoration. Our dispatchers at (952) 846-4400 await your call.

Remediating Mold Damage Eliminates Current Problems And Protects Against Future Ones In Burnsville

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Remediating Mold Damage Eliminates Current Problems And Protects Against Future Ones In Burnsville Mold can grow anywhere in your home.

Mold Remediation

Mold can grow anywhere in your home, but it affects various materials in different ways. Things made from rubber or plastic might become permanently discolored by the penetrating hyphae. Textiles and fabrics may not only show stains and spotting but also develop weakness at the fiber level and tear too easily to continue being used. More durable but still affected materials such as concrete and drywall can weaken and then begin to disintegrate.

When a homeowner in Burnsville finds mold damage, if the area is larger than ten square feet, professional recommendations call for professional remediation services. Although a larger area may seem within the abilities of the average homeowner, adequately addressing the problem of mold and the damage it can create is often more complex than what many people realize.

Remediating mold is more involved than using a bleach solution in attempts to cure a home of mold. Bleach is mostly water, and instead of removing mold by killing it, bleach works to provide the moisture needed for mold to resurface and thrive. Bleach only strips mold of its color, making it appear to have been removed, while much of the mold remains alive and the spores retain their viability. Mold infestations must be removed to keep mold from spreading and from continuing to damage your home and belongings.

Professionals, experienced in remediating mold and working as a team, reduce the time involved in remediating a home of mold damage, and also help to protect the home's uncontaminated areas from developing mold problems in the future. We at SERVPRO are experts in this field and can help remove excess mold that can endanger your home. Possible health effects are also a concern to those with mold damage, in particular for those with compromised immune systems or existing respiratory illnesses.

Containing mold and the spores that allow mold to spread from one area to another begins with containing the area with plastic sheeting before work starts. Containment continues with the proper bagging of mold-contaminated materials and removal from the home. Air scrubbing machines also play a role in freeing a home of excess mold contamination. Without these efforts, mold can easily spread to other areas of the home where it can grow in the future.

Restoring areas that were damaged by mold with new materials significantly reduces the amount of contamination present in a home. We use meters that can detect the number of mold spores present. Mold is everywhere but in varying degrees. Elimination is never possible, but dramatic reduction can be attained through proper methods. We are trained according to IICRC standards and are certified in the remediation of mold.

Helping not only take care of the problem as it exists when we arrive but also in preventing recurring mold problems. We do this by educating our customers in how mold thrives in some environments and not in others and how to make their home less mold-friendly.

For any size mold problem you have found in your home, call your local professionals, SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville at (952) 846-4400. We are always here to answer your call, no matter the time of day or night.

Unusual Weather Contributes To Burnsville Water Damage

3/26/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Unusual Weather Contributes To Burnsville Water Damage Ice dams require the assistance of SERVPRO Professionals.

Unusual Weather And Water Damage

In Minnesota, a homeowner expects winter snows and spring showers, but recent weather patterns mixed up the precipitation patterns. When iced up gutters are then filled with torrential rainwater the moisture backs up into your attic and seeps down the walls and through the ceiling into your living areas. SERVPRO has vast experience with ice dams and stands ready to restore the water damage.

The winter months have many challenges, but water damage to your Burnsville townhouse is unexpected. Unusually warm temperatures melt the snowy cap on your roof, but stubborn deposits of ice remain, forcing the water under the shingles and into your unfinished overhead storage space. Unanticipated rain and sleet during times when we usually see below zero lows exacerbate the problem. Your first notice of the problem will be a bulging ceiling and some dark staining on the master suite walls.

Do not ignore the problem until the weather warms or try to manage the damage by yourself. Ice dams, as these phenomena are called, require the assistance of SERVPRO Professionals. We investigate the tiny gaps where warm air, augmented by the rains, melt the snow on your roof. These breaches and the accumulation of icy water leaking into them need repair before restoring the water damage. We work with your roofing contractor to ensure the water source is eliminated.

Then we focus on the water damage. Our goal is always to restore rather than remove and replace. The condition of the ceiling and walls dictates if some or all of the drywall or tiles need to be replaced. Areas showing warping may need to be torn out, and fresh material installed. If we see evidence of mold, the colony needs removal as does the wallboard or ceiling section infested with the fungus. Mold remediation is a job for experts. Dampness without distortion or microbial activity responds to our drying techniques, including air movers, dehumidifiers, and heat. After the affected areas reach their drying target, as determined by our precise moisture measuring devices, touch up painting completes the job. SERVPRO sends only highly trained and qualified technicians to restore your home and works with you in a fully transparent way throughout the process. We help with insurance claims, too.

Call on SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville to manage a tough ice dam issue atop your home. Our friendly operators answer round the clock at (952) 846-4400.

Fire Damage Cleaning Procedures For Your Burnsville Home

3/26/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Cleaning Procedures For Your Burnsville Home Timing is crucial once the fire is out.

Fire Damage Cleaning Procedures

By now, everyone realizes that smoking cigarettes are bad for your health, but it also can cause smoke damage and a fire in your home. Each year many smokers and their family members are killed in home fires caused by cigarettes or other materials for smoking. When a fire breaks out in your home, getting you and your family out first is the important thing, and once out, you can then call the fire department. When the fire is over, you need to contact SERVPRO, who can help you to restore and repair your home.

Timing is crucial once the fire is out. Fire damage repairs need to start quickly to maximize the effectiveness of your Burnsville home. SERVPRO answers your call and immediately goes into action, 24/7. We recognize the trauma and emotional upset which you are suffering during this time, and work quickly to mitigate fire and smoke damage to any property that is salvageable, like household items, metals, fixtures, and other contents.

Our modern techniques and cleaning processes many times prevent the cost of replacement, therefore lowering costs for you and your insurance provider. Fire and smoke damage restoration requires skill and knowledge, and SERVPRO technicians are trained with the expertise to do the job correctly. If you are a smoker or have one in your home, it is important to be aware of safety precautions to prevent this from happening to you. If possible, learn to smoke outside of your home to avoid any dangers.

Basic Cleaning
Cleaning and restoration after a fire can usually lower the costs of your fire damage claim. The most expensive option for the adjuster is the replacement. Another expensive option is resurfacing. Structural surfaces in your home can be repainted; upholstered contents can be recovered; wood contents can be refinished. Cleaning and restoration services are only a fraction of the cost of replacement or resurfacing.

Combining Principles And Elements
When it comes to fire damage restoration, cleaning means getting rid of the smoke residues from your home and deodorizing the smoke odors. Fire damage presents a wide variety of cleaning challenges because of the many ways that oxygen, heat, moisture, and gasses interact to make smoke residues. The different kinds of burning material found in your home and the effects smoke and heat have on the materials create another variable for cleaning methods. These variables make creating a fixed, determined set of procedures for cleaning fire damage difficult.

At SERVPRO, we respond to the variety of challenges in cleaning fire damage. There are multiple ways to agitate surfaces, various products to make chemical reactions, and many cleaning procedures for using heat and dwell time to get rid of residues. We use the total range of restoration procedures available before we deem any fire damaged materials unrestorable.

Fire damage is taken seriously at SERVPRO of Burnsville/Lakeville. We walk you through each step of the process before beginning any cleanup and do our best to restore everything possible. Just reach out to us at (952) 846-4400 when cigarettes have caused a fire in your home, and we get techs out to your home fast.