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Reliable Mold Damage Remediation Solutions In Lakeville

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Reliable Mold Damage Remediation Solutions In Lakeville Coping with mold issues in your Lakeville home can feel overwhelming.

Mold Damage Remediation Solutions

Coping with mold issues in your Lakeville home can feel overwhelming. If a moisture problem got out of hand and supported the growth of mold colonies, you can feel like you live in an alien environment. Our mold remediation technicians have practical solutions that help normalize mold spore counts in your home by eliminating current colonies and identifying the moisture sources that encourage multiplication of microbial organisms.

The microbial growth rate you see in Lakeville can be swift, and mold damage might appear to be out of control. In reality, mold spores are always around us in high numbers, but without persistent moisture sources they are unnoticeable and their effects benign. Molds actually help us out of doors by recycling organic materials and are of the same family of organisms that include edible fungi like some mushrooms or the components of some cheeses. They cause problems when they grow indoors on building materials, using them as a source of nourishment. Our technicians train hard to learn how to halt the growth of destructive molds in buildings.

SERVPRO follows mold remediation procedures developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to contain undesirable molds, remove them, treat the affected areas to limit additional growth, and provide suggestions to eliminate the moisture that fuels the growth. Proceeding safely and systematically, our crew members walk through each step, leaving your home cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized after our services.

We contain the areas where the mold grows with a combination of physical barriers and advanced air-scrubbing technology. SERVPRO employees wear personal protective gear while removing the mold as a safety precaution and preventing the tracking of moldy debris throughout your home. Mold removal within the containment area uses mechanical means like scrubbing and scraping along with gentle but effective soda blasting methods. Both solid and porous materials respond well to one or more of these methods.

If an article is too damaged to save, we bag it with the other moldy debris, disposing of it as prescribed by local hazardous waste regulations. The SERVPRO team also vacuums up residues with HEPA filtered equipment and treats the previously contaminated surfaces and surrounding areas with EPA registered antimicrobials.

SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville treat mold remediation with caution and care, but we also are confident we can abate the infestation you find frightening and challenging. Call us at (952) 846-4400 for a consultation.

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Mold Damage Remediation In Farmington Does Not Cause Long-Term Disturbance To Your Daily Routine

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Remediation In Farmington Does Not Cause Long-Term Disturbance To Your Daily Routine It has been a rainy summer so far in Farmington, and mold damage can follow any water incursion.

Mold Damage Remediation

We have all seen the pictures of out-of-control mold damage and wondered what we would do if the building covered with fungi were ours. If your Farmington house suffers mold damage is it realistic to expect the property can be restored? The fear of major demolition and reconstruction is real. Fortunately, advancements in mold remediation as completed by our trained technicians make the process predictable and ultimately successful, without significant disruption to our customers’ lives.

It has been a rainy summer so far in Farmington, and mold damage can follow any water incursion. Open windows and aging gutter and downspout systems do little to direct precipitation away from the interiors of a home. Water that is not cleaned up within the first 24 to 48 hours can nourish a mold outbreak. Water intruding only needs you and your family to be gone over a long weekend to allow mold to take hold. Our mold remediation specialists can turn this situation around in a positive direction.

SERVPRO employees train to industry standards when pursuing the Applied Microbial Remediation Certification from the IICRC. Implicit in this training are the protocols developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to manage mold remediation in a consistent, effective, and safe way. Our crew members are familiar with the steps needed and have experience abating mold outbreaks for other customers. Practice makes proficient, so when we arrive at your home, we quickly devise and implement a mold remediation plan that works.

Our crew members seal off the area affected by mold, often using negative air pressure created when the contaminated air exhausts through taped-off ducts into the outdoors. Plastic sheeting also partitions the moldy areas away from the rest of your living areas, permitting you to maintain your regular schedule while SERVPRO completes the project.

We wear personal protective equipment so our remediators can work without fear of contamination. This helps the job move faster. Our team employs scrapers and brushes to remove visible mold growth. If porous surfaces have mold, we still focus our best efforts on removing and restoring the materials, frequently taking advantage of advances in remediation like soda blasting. Choosing restoration over demolition and rebuilding saves both money and time.

Engaging the professionals at SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville to remediate the mold damage encourages a swift yet thorough resolution to the problem. Call our office at (952) 846-4400 to set up an evaluation and get a start on the process.

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A Team That Responds Quickly to Mold Damage in Your Farmington Home

6/24/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation A Team That Responds Quickly to Mold Damage in Your Farmington Home Sometimes you only smell and not necessarily see a mold infestation. Contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Effectively Find and Remediate a Mold Infestation Behind Walls in Your Home

While you might be mindful of water leaks and drips throughout your Farmington home, you might not always see everything that could be happening with your interior plumbing. In areas like your basement, for example, you often find the hub of the network of pipes in your home stretching out from the service line brought in from the exterior. Any one of these offshoots could have a leak or a persistent drip, and more seriously, could be allowing the conditions for mold and fungal growth.

Because you might not be able to see the mold damages as they occur in your Farmington residence, since you cannot always see all of the plumbing throughout your home, it is possible to locate an active mold colony without ever actually seeing it. Often, mold colonies emit a distinctive musty odor that is difficult to mistake for anything else. Once you encounter this harsh odor, there is a good chance the mold colony is somewhere nearby. Professional mold remediation is a good choice here, as our SERVPRO certified applied microbial remediation technicians have the tools and expertise to deal with the problem safely and to remove it.

If the colony is in an area that is inaccessible, portions of drywall or paneling must get removed for our technicians to gain access to the area. This demolition is a controlled process which removes only the portions needed to get the appropriate access or what materials are unsalvageably damaged by the colonization. During the removal process, often using sanding or soda blasting techniques, our SERVPRO technicians run air movers and dehumidifiers to remove the moisture and dampness from the affected area to help starve the colony.

One of the things that can make the discovery of mold in your home a little easier to stomach is the knowledge that our SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville certified technicians are always available to help. Our rapid response team is standing by, so whenever you need us, just call (952) 846-4400.

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Mold Remediation is Important for Your Lakeville Residence

3/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Remediation is Important for Your Lakeville Residence SERVPRO not only remediates the damage caused by mold, but also locates the source of the problem to prevent future mold growth.

Allow SERVPRO to Remediate Mold Damage in Your Home

Fungal growth is something that a lot of Lakeville homeowners do not fully understand. While there is no denying that it is believed to cause health effects, mold in your home is not as uncommon as you might think. In fact, there are minimal requirements to allow naturally occurring mold spores to seat and begin forming colonies in specific areas of your home. Combatting these conditions can help you to keep these types of growths from happening, but if they have permission to continue unabated for any length of time, you could have all the makings for widespread fungal colonization.

People attribute mold growth in their Lakeville home to an unclean atmosphere or severe conditions, but in all actuality, spores in the air we breathe only require warmer temperatures and present moisture to seat and thrive. Combatting its presence alone is rarely advisable, especially when you consider that conventional cleaning methods rarely penetrate deeply enough to remove the entire fungal organism and merely allow it to continue unseen.

Our SERVPRO remediation specialists get trained to the high standards set in place by the IICRC. This training ensures that each of our technicians gets equipped with the latest information about various types of mold, and the most efficient methods to remediate their presence and restore the damage that they cause. Through a combined effort of equipment and expertise, our dedicated team can handle any sized mold damage situation that you might face.

Locating the source of the present moisture in the affected area not only gives our SERVPRO professionals an understanding of where the damage originates from but also how to prevent a similar occurrence from repeating. With instances like leaky walls in the basement area of your home, something as simple as a thin coat of hydraulic cement can entirely eradicate the moisture from returning once dehumidification equipment has gotten used.

Understanding that mold damage is a fairly common occurrence in homes all throughout the area does not usually make it easier to face. However, trusting our SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville team to help you take back your house from these unwelcomed disasters can ensure that the process is efficient and professionally done. Call our remediation specialists today at (952) 846-4400.

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Mold Remediation Services Available For All Farmington Area Residents

1/30/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Remediation Services Available For All Farmington Area Residents Each mold damage situation throughout the Farmington area is different.

Mold Remediation Services

Many of our Farmington area homeowners ask the same question after discovering mold on their property, “Should we relocate?” The answer to this problem and several others that may come to mind both before and during your initial inspection depend on the extent of mold growth found in your home.

Each mold damage situation throughout the Farmington area is different. Mold responds to the conditions found in your home, often showing signs of growth on organic materials such as wood, paper, and additional fibers. The mold itself can damage a variety of surfaces and have a direct effect on your health.

If you find yourself surrounded by mold growth in your home, avoid taking chances, contact a qualified professional that can assess the situation correctly and provide you with the services you deserve. SERVPRO’s mold remediation specialists can help you decide whether relocating is right for your situation or not and help you find temporary housing should the need arise.

Repairing small areas of mold-damaged drywall may not be such a difficult task. However, locating and correcting the cause of your problem can be challenging to say the least. Never make contact with or disturb mold contaminated areas found in your home. Avoid taking chances whenever possible, leave the handling and disposal of infected materials to the professionals at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO has IICRC certified technicians available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week who have several years experience repairing mold damage, locating and repairing hidden problems, and helping homeowners avoid exposure. Our technicians understand how mold propagates and grows; we can put our advanced containment and remediation services to work for you, immediately. We provide quality mold damage mitigation and remediation services you can trust.

Contact SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville for additional information about all of our available services, to schedule an initial inspection, or to begin your home’s mold remediation service, today. We stand ready to assist anytime, day or night all you have to do is make the call (952) 846-4400.

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Can a Real Holiday Tree Cause Mold Damage in Burnsville?

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Can a Real Holiday Tree Cause Mold Damage in Burnsville? Mold can easily grow on holiday trees due to the presence of moisture and wood used a food source.

SERVPRO’s Tips on Preventing Mold Damage During the Holidays

There are many articles online about the dangers of mold in Burnsville homes – and when the festive season approaches there are many concerns about the fungal growth of holiday trees. It is true that some articles about “toxic” black mold are little more than scaremongering. However, it is possible for mold to enter the home and grow on holiday trees. SERVPRO recommends taking simple steps to avoid mold damage during the holidays.

Fungi are omnipresent and easily cause mold damage in Burnsville homes. Mold colonies grow wherever there are moisture and an organic food source such as paper, leather, drywall or wood. It is easy to see how mold grows on holiday trees thanks to the presence of moisture on the tree and wood to use as a food source.

It is possible to remove surface mold by hosing down the tree before bringing it inside. Washing does not prevent mold growth but removes some of the existing spores. It is essential to dry the tree thoroughly before bringing it indoors, as fungus loves damp spaces.

Run a dehumidifier near the tree to keep air humidity down and reduce mold growth opportunities. Be mindful that mold spores can travel through your home on your skin or clothes; do not handle the tree more than you have to, and use disposable gloves each time.

Do not keep the tree in your home for an extended period. As trees decay, there is, even more, an opportunity for mold and mildew growth. It is best to remove your tree from your home after seven days.

Consider replacing your real holiday tree with an artificial one. There are many beautiful artificial trees available today that look as good as the real thing but do not carry the same risk of fungal growth. If you enjoy the pine scent of a festive tree, purchase an air freshener, festive candle, or even a tree-scented room spray.

SERVPRO is on hand to help with mold growth all year round. Call our IICRC-certified technicians at the first sign of fungal growth.

For help with mold problems in Farmington, Orchard Garden, Deer Park and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville at (952) 846-4400 today.

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Professional Mold Remediation Services For Farmington Area Residents

10/11/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Professional Mold Remediation Services For Farmington Area Residents Unless you check the attic of your home after every storm, mold damage may be a problem without you even knowing.

Professional Mold Remediation Services

A recent storm with high winds, damage to your roof, improperly maintained sheeting and damaged gutters all allow water to creep into the attic of your Farmington area home. These conditions give mold the perfect environment to spread. Since the majority of homeowners spend limited time in the attic of their home, months can go by before discovering problems that exist.

Unless you check the attic of your Farmington area home after every storm, mold damage may be a problem without you even knowing. Without the proper experience or equipment, it can be hard to identify possible problems and therefore rot, corrosion and mold take their toll on the rafters, beams, and other structural components of your roof.

It takes a trained professional to get these problems under control correctly. SERVPRO gives you access to IICRC technicians with years of experience providing mold remediation services in homes just like yours. Having your attic inspected is something that everyone should consider, especially if it has been a while since you took a look at the condition of your attic.

While it is true that every job is different, SERVPRO can help you limit any losses and get mold growth in your home’s attic under control, vastly improving your indoor air quality. You may have additional mold contamination in your HVAC system, slowly spreading mold throughout your home every time you turn your heating or air conditioning on. It would be better to know about and handle a smaller problem now than live for months without knowing about any exposure.

With a single call, you can have highly trained professionals working to make your home safe for you and your family again. SERVPRO uses the latest equipment and cleaning methods to get the job done right the first time. Our technicians follow a strict outline for the handling and removal of saturated materials on your property, along with guidelines set by the EPA, and any local, state, or federal agencies that help protect our environment.

Contact SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville for quality, efficient solutions to mold problems anywhere in your home. We service Lakeville, Argonne, and Deer Park as well and are proud to serve our local communities, call today (952) 846-4400.

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Staying Safe Around Mold Damage in Your Burnsville Home

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Staying Safe Around Mold Damage in Your Burnsville Home Face masks can effectively protect you from some types of mold found in your home.

Rely on SERVPRO professionals to remediate mold damage in your home

There are many different types of mold, each with its unique properties and abilities. While almost all of them are bad for your home, some can also be bad for you and your loved ones. Some types of mold can cause health effects, especially with long-term exposure, so protecting yourself should be a top priority after the discovery of significant mold damage in your Burnsville home. For less-serious cases, some of these precautions may be excessive, so use proper judgment for each, but remember that too much safety is rarely a bad thing when dealing with mold.

Face Masks

Some of the most dangerous effects of mold damage in Burnsville can be mitigated effectively through the use of face masks. Face masks are inexpensive and available at most general stores and supermarkets, consisting of a specially-made paper cup with an elastic band designed to cover the nose and mouth of their wearers. These devices can effectively block many airborne dangers without restricting breathing, for little monetary investment. Keep in mind, however, that these are not always an ideal solution, as some airborne toxins and compounds may still cause health effects even when the masks are worn properly.

Gloves and Close-Toed Shoes

Some types of mold may also cause adverse health effects if they come into contact with exposed skin. When in an area with exposed mold, you should always wear gloves and close-toed shoes to ensure that no skin comes into contact with the fungus. Note that even with gloves on you should never touch mold, as this may help spread spores around your home. SERVPRO technicians sometimes must wear full-body suits around, especially bad infestations, so never underestimate mold you come across.

Let Us Take Care of It

Many homeowners first try to remove the mold themselves before placing a call to SERVPRO. Unfortunately, most only end up making the problem worse and sometimes hurting themselves in the process. Leave the mold remediation to the professionals, and above all, never try to remove mold with household cleaning tools and chemicals.

SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville has been helping residents with mold infestations for years. For quality service and certified excellence, give us a call at (952) 846-4400.

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Contact SERVPRO If You Have Mold Damage In Your Farmington Home

8/19/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Contact SERVPRO If You Have Mold Damage In Your Farmington Home Having mold spores in a home is a common situation.

Mold Damage In Your Property

Having mold spores in a home is a common situation. Every home has them to some degree, and no amount of cleaning removes them all. It is when spores become active that they begin to grow and cause damage to homes and personal property. Growth happens when spores find themselves in the right mixture of temperature, moisture, and source of food.

When the growth goes on long enough in a Farmington home, then the threat of mold damage begins. SERVPRO knows that a fast response by a professional service can mean the difference between restoring a home with its property and having to deal with the expense of replacing items. We have developed four procedures that cover every action needed to return your home and assets to a safe state for you and your family.

First, we contain the infestation. We want to prevent mold from spreading to unaffected areas of the home. That means sealing off the heating and air vents to stop mold from getting into the ducts. In case we do find mold in the ducts, this stops one way of it traveling to other rooms. Technicians then seal off the affected rooms using plastic sheeting across doors and windows.

Second, we remove the mold. It may require us to remove property from the affected rooms, but our priority is to clean and remove mold from structural surfaces and personal property at the site whenever possible. Technicians use vacuums to trap all loose spores from surfaces and then use a combination of dry and wet sponges and cloths to remove surface mold.

For building material with heavy growth, we remove and dispose of it according to Minnesota State regulations. For personal property that requires stronger cleaning methods, we remove it to our local facility where we can safely clean and eliminate the mold from items such as sofas, curtains, and even clothing.

Our third procedure is to clean out the settled spores. Previous actions disturb and release mold spores into the air. After allowing enough time for them to settle on the newly clean surfaces, technicians wipe down any loose spores using dry cloths and sponges. They repeat this task as often as necessary.

The last procedure to dry the materials, property, and air in the affected rooms. We do this by setting up dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the air and air movers to force warm, dry air across surfaces which needed wet cleaning. By drawing down the moisture levels, we remove one of the factors required for mold to grow again after we finish the task.

Removing mold from your home and restoring it to a clean condition means hiring an expert. SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville has over twenty years of experience in helping our neighbors put their homes back together so they can continue with a normal life. If you need our help, call today at (952) 846-4400.

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Remediating Mold Damage Eliminates Current Problems And Protects Against Future Ones In Burnsville

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Remediating Mold Damage Eliminates Current Problems And Protects Against Future Ones In Burnsville Mold can grow anywhere in your home.

Mold Remediation

Mold can grow anywhere in your home, but it affects various materials in different ways. Things made from rubber or plastic might become permanently discolored by the penetrating hyphae. Textiles and fabrics may not only show stains and spotting but also develop weakness at the fiber level and tear too easily to continue being used. More durable but still affected materials such as concrete and drywall can weaken and then begin to disintegrate.

When a homeowner in Burnsville finds mold damage, if the area is larger than ten square feet, professional recommendations call for professional remediation services. Although a larger area may seem within the abilities of the average homeowner, adequately addressing the problem of mold and the damage it can create is often more complex than what many people realize.

Remediating mold is more involved than using a bleach solution in attempts to cure a home of mold. Bleach is mostly water, and instead of removing mold by killing it, bleach works to provide the moisture needed for mold to resurface and thrive. Bleach only strips mold of its color, making it appear to have been removed, while much of the mold remains alive and the spores retain their viability. Mold infestations must be removed to keep mold from spreading and from continuing to damage your home and belongings.

Professionals, experienced in remediating mold and working as a team, reduce the time involved in remediating a home of mold damage, and also help to protect the home's uncontaminated areas from developing mold problems in the future. We at SERVPRO are experts in this field and can help remove excess mold that can endanger your home. Possible health effects are also a concern to those with mold damage, in particular for those with compromised immune systems or existing respiratory illnesses.

Containing mold and the spores that allow mold to spread from one area to another begins with containing the area with plastic sheeting before work starts. Containment continues with the proper bagging of mold-contaminated materials and removal from the home. Air scrubbing machines also play a role in freeing a home of excess mold contamination. Without these efforts, mold can easily spread to other areas of the home where it can grow in the future.

Restoring areas that were damaged by mold with new materials significantly reduces the amount of contamination present in a home. We use meters that can detect the number of mold spores present. Mold is everywhere but in varying degrees. Elimination is never possible, but dramatic reduction can be attained through proper methods. We are trained according to IICRC standards and are certified in the remediation of mold.

Helping not only take care of the problem as it exists when we arrive but also in preventing recurring mold problems. We do this by educating our customers in how mold thrives in some environments and not in others and how to make their home less mold-friendly.

For any size mold problem you have found in your home, call your local professionals, SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville at (952) 846-4400. We are always here to answer your call, no matter the time of day or night.