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Mold Remediation

2/28/2020 (Permalink)

Mold can grow anywhere in your home, but it affects various materials in different ways. Things made from rubber or plastic might become permanently discolored by the penetrating hyphae. Textiles and fabrics may not only show stains and spotting but also develop weakness at the fiber level and tear too easily to continue being used. More durable but still affected materials such as concrete and drywall can weaken and then begin to disintegrate.

When a homeowner in Burnsville finds mold damage, if the area is larger than ten square feet, professional recommendations call for professional remediation services. Although a larger area may seem within the abilities of the average homeowner, adequately addressing the problem of mold and the damage it can create is often more complex than what many people realize.

Remediating mold is more involved than using a bleach solution in attempts to cure a home of mold. Bleach is mostly water, and instead of removing mold by killing it, bleach works to provide the moisture needed for mold to resurface and thrive. Bleach only strips mold of its color, making it appear to have been removed, while much of the mold remains alive and the spores retain their viability. Mold infestations must be removed to keep mold from spreading and from continuing to damage your home and belongings.

Professionals, experienced in remediating mold and working as a team, reduce the time involved in remediating a home of mold damage, and also help to protect the home's uncontaminated areas from developing mold problems in the future. We at SERVPRO are experts in this field and can help remove excess mold that can endanger your home. Possible health effects are also a concern to those with mold damage, in particular for those with compromised immune systems or existing respiratory illnesses.

Containing mold and the spores that allow mold to spread from one area to another begins with containing the area with plastic sheeting before work starts. Containment continues with the proper bagging of mold-contaminated materials and removal from the home. Air scrubbing machines also play a role in freeing a home of excess mold contamination. Without these efforts, mold can easily spread to other areas of the home where it can grow in the future.

Restoring areas that were damaged by mold with new materials significantly reduces the amount of contamination present in a home. We use meters that can detect the number of mold spores present. Mold is everywhere but in varying degrees. Elimination is never possible, but dramatic reduction can be attained through proper methods. We are trained according to IICRC standards and are certified in the remediation of mold.

Helping not only take care of the problem as it exists when we arrive but also in preventing recurring mold problems. We do this by educating our customers in how mold thrives in some environments and not in others and how to make their home less mold-friendly.

For any size mold problem you have found in your home, call your local professionals, SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville at (952) 846-4400. We are always here to answer your call, no matter the time of day or night.

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