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Fire Damage – Burnsville Home

Fire damage to this Burnsville home began in the kitchen when an overhead lighting fixture experienced a short. The photos above show the adjacent dining area w... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Farmington

When a storm causes significant damage to your property, you need the help of a professional restoration company like SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville. Our sto... READ MORE

Water Damage In Farmington

Our team at SERVPRO is your best option when it comes to a water damage emergency. We are accessible 24/7, and we will arrive quickly at your home. Our water re... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Burnsville Offices

Storm damage to this Burnsville office was the result of thunderstorms in the area that carried very high winds and heavy rain. A large portion of the flat roof... READ MORE

Lakeville Garage Fires Do Happen

Fires often start in a garage because of inadequate ventilation. Stored gasoline, petroleum products, paints, and pesticides can all be the fuel to initiate a f... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Orchard Garden

Having to shut down your warehouse due to water damage can cause a lot of stress. The great news is there is a team of professionals that are the best in the in... READ MORE

Kitchen Leak and Mold Damage in Burnsville

Leaks in kitchens, whether in Burnsville, Lakeland, or Farmington, often have the same result--mold growth. This unwanted fungi can cause health effects and sho... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Burnsville Office Building

Commercial water damage occurred at this Burnsville office building when the overhead water supply line to the fire suppressant sprinkler system burst. This hal... READ MORE

Storm Damage Cleanup In Orchard Garden

When a storm floods your home, there is one team to call, and that is the team at SERVPRO. Storm damage can happen anytime, and our 24-hour emergency service al... READ MORE

Farmington Mold Problem

Often a slow leak in a kitchen can allow the water to wick to different areas of the room. This hidden moisture in a Farmington home can lead to a mold infestat... READ MORE