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Water Removal Needs for Your Farmington Home Following a Main Line Break

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal Needs for Your Farmington Home Following a Main Line Break When a water line breaks, the gush of water into the house can cause a great deal of damage. Call SERVPRO right away for drying out and remediation.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Water Damage Regardless of the Point of Entry in the House

Significant water incidents which require extraction services and restoration in your Farmington home can happen with little warning. While many might attribute this kind of situation to flooding or some other natural disaster, the truth is, something as simple as a water break on the main line running near your property could leave you with much water to contend with in your home.

Many homeowners do not think about the water line intended to distribute potable water throughout the community. This buried line is just a connection between a water treatment facility and your residence, though when there is a break on this line, it could cause significant issues with homes near the issue. There are a few paths that lead to a need for water removal services in Farmington after a line rupture on the main water line servicing your street.

The first of these considerations is backflow incidents. While many meters offer a last-minute failsafe to prevent an influx in backpressure to your service lines, these designs are not always able to withstand significant force. With backpressure strong enough, water can get forced through your service lines at a pressure your indoor plumbing cannot contain. At a breach, you need SERVPRO water restoration specialists to help you clean up the mess quickly.

Another possibility is a flood-like incident from water pouring (or shooting) out of the ground and running into your property. This sudden rush of high volumes of water can quickly overcome vulnerabilities in your home's exterior and allow water to flow into lower levels unabated. This problem persists until the municipality can reach the appropriate isolation valves to stop the supply of water to the damaged section of the main line. Our SERVPRO technicians can respond quickly in these situations to help mitigate the damages your residence might experience.

As you can see, your home can experience significant water loss situations with no warning. Having the right professional assistance to help you clean up the mess and restore the damage once the water line gets repaired can save you time and irreparable disaster to structural components and contents of your home. Give SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville a call today at (952) 846-4400.

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Water Damage Affects Floors in Farmington Residences, Creating Unnecessary Hazards in the Home

6/5/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Affects Floors in Farmington Residences, Creating Unnecessary Hazards in the Home Fans like this can be used to dry the remaining water after pumps and extraction wands are used.

SERVPRO can help with water damaged flooring

The lowest section of a room in any Farmington home, the floor, receives the majority of wear and tear under normal conditions. When water seeps through your house's exterior because of misaligned siding, clogged gutters, or other such problems, your floors often pay the price.

A home in Farmington can suffer water damage in many ways, including stained ceilings and deteriorated, crumbling walls under leaky windows. Flooring under affected windows and doorways can also suffer the effects of rainwater. Warping, curling, and splintered pieces, as well as dry-rotted carpeting, can indicate long-term water damage took place. While this may not seem as if it would cause problems, over time, it can eventually create weak spots in floors, even if the underlay consists of a concrete slab.

When the floor in your home suffers from water damage, safety can become a concern. Toddlers already walk quite unsteadily, as do many younger children. A floor full of uneven boards can not only cause falls, but injuries become much more likely to happen. Guests visiting can create embarrassing situations for homeowners, as well as possible medical costs and even lawsuits. Preventable accidents involving others in your home can give insurance companies reason to increase rates.

When water damaged floors have carpeting, the fibers backing the carpet can become dry rotted and start fraying. This fraying worsens every time you use your vacuum cleaner. However, allowing dirt to pile up can lead to the same problems. Wooden underlay, including particle board sheets, can become significantly impacted by water, swelling and even falling apart as the glue disintegrates. SERVPRO technicians can help mitigate the problem area before these adverse situations escalate.

Flooring in kitchens and bathrooms that include tile or linoleum can still experience problems. These surfaces seem hardier than other flooring types, but they can still succumb to water. Grout and other sealants can crumble away when exposed to water for too long, and linoleum can bubble in areas where seams allow water to penetrate underneath. Repairing such issues before increased damages happen saves money because repairs remain smaller and more manageable, as well as the presence of a more significant amount of as-of-yet undamaged materials.

SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville can help your family whenever water damage happens by stopping it from progressing and mitigating any existing problems. We want to return your home's floors to a safe condition like it was before. Call us at (952) 846-4400, at any hour of the day or night. We work within Orchard Garden and Deer Park, also, as well as surrounding areas.

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Inadequate Backflow Prevention Measures Could Cause Water Damage In Your Farmington Residence

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Inadequate Backflow Prevention Measures Could Cause Water Damage In Your Farmington Residence Backflow Regulators Can Prevent Water Damage to Farmington Properties--SERVPRO Tip

SERVPRO Can Extract Water and Usually Restore Your Home to Its Pre-loss Condition "Like it never even happened."

While you might be aware that you appliances could create damaging disasters in your Farmington residence, you might not be aware that some of these occurrences do not get attributed to age or general malfunction. Sometimes there are circumstances which cause unforeseen pressure to the appliances themselves, forcing them to rupture or break at their weakest components along the water supply line.
Backflow preventers might be commonplace in the construction of homes, but this does not guarantee that your home has one or that it functions as it should. These devices keep pressure from outside sources from finding their way into the service line supplying your house and rupturing your plumbing. Without warning, an influx of pressure (often attributed to events like main line breaks and the demand from a fire hydrant elsewhere on the line) causes a sharp difference between supply and demand, forcing highly pressurized backflow into your Farmington home and causing water damage.
Our SERVPRO professionals can quickly determine the full extent of this damage, and shut off the supply of water coming into your home that has ruptured weak points in water-fed appliances like your water heater or washing machine. The next step is to address the best methods of cleaning up the mess and restoring the damage. This process begins with extraction if the water damage is severe enough to warrant the use of pumps and wet-vacs.
Drying is the next step to follow the extraction, and this process typically utilizes both industrial strength air movers and dehumidification equipment. These tools pull moisture from the environment and affected surfaces, ideally to restore the damage that exists and to prevent worse conditions like mold growth. Structural damage can get assessed at this point by our SERVPRO technicians to determine if portions of these materials require replacement.
Water damage does not have to be a dramatic event for your house, but it can leave you wondering how to fix the damage and get things back to the way they used to be. When situations are out of your control, like a backflow incident on your waterline, damage can mount up in a hurry.

Trust SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville to help you clean up the mess and restore your home. Give us a call anytime you need us at (952) 846-4400.

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What To Do When Failed Plumbing Has Caused Water Damage in Farmington

3/4/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage What To Do When Failed Plumbing Has Caused Water Damage in Farmington SERVPRO Says to Insulate Your Plumbing to Help Prevent Water Damage to Your Farmington Home

Try Calling SERVPRO to Mitigate the Damages Caused by the Water

Having water leaks in your home is a nightmare all on its own, but when it comes from a source that seems to be pumping endless volumes into your home, it is even worse. In Farmington, the weather is dramatically cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The unique location of the state causes the spring thaw to have rapidly changing temperatures, from snowstorms to warm and breezy days. This rapid change of temperature can cause intense effects on the structure of your home, but especially to the plumbing. Burst pipes are often the result of stress brought about by the water expanding as it ices up within the conduits.

Fortunately, SERVPRO is close by and quick to get on the scene. We can send our technicians quickly to address the damaging water event to your Farmington property before it gets out of control. So, when a pipe bursts, do not wait. The sooner the ruptured pipe is addressed, the less water can flood your home. Flooding is a type of water damage that is very rough on the house as it can impact the overall structure. This fact is especially true when the water has no other place to go but into your floors, carpets, walls, and furniture.

So how can SERVPRO help you in this situation? First, it is necessary to establish the danger of the water that has flooded your home. We can separate standing water into three categories: clean water, grey water, or black water. The three categories are progressively worse than the last and indicate how sanitary the water is for human contact. Once it is determined, we can go about draining the water and drying out your home and the items within it safely. Typically, most burst pipes spill out clean water, potable drinking water.

If a water pipe in your home has burst, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of the Burnsville/ Lakeville area at (952) 846-4400. We always get to the scene fast also in the Burnsville and Lakeville areas and quickly dry out your home to make you feel "Like it never even happened."

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Deodorizing Your Bathroom in Burnsville After Water Damage

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Deodorizing Your Bathroom in Burnsville After Water Damage An unnoticed leak in your bathroom can cause a lot damage, including a lingering odor.

Deodorization is One of the Most Important Steps of Water Damage Cleanup

If it goes untreated for too long, a water leak in your Burnsville bathroom can be very costly, especially if it causes significant damage to the flooring, walls, and paint. You can check for some small issues to decide if you need the help of professionals before things get worse. These include mold or mildew growth, damaged paint or wallpaper, damaged walls, and damaged flooring. You also want to keep an eye out for stains on the ceiling or smells from old, accumulated water.

Water damage in your Burnsville home’s bathroom is never a welcome thing. SERVPRO professionals can help you get the issue fixed that is creating the damage in the first place, dry your bathroom back out and get it clean and safe again for you and your family.

Once we have extracted any standing water and taken care of the issue causing the water damage, we must deodorize your bathroom to combat any smells. To do so, we have to remove the cause of the odor in the first place. Odor problems from water damage happen because wet materials have not dried completely. As the level of moisture returns to normal, a lot of the odor problems also go away, but some might remain.

In most situations for deodorization, the odors are coming from various sources. To find all the sources and figure which methods are best to fight all of them, SERVPRO staff use technical equipment and our knowledge and training. Most of the time, we use multiple methods of deodorizing to ensure that we entirely combat all the smells.

Chemical odors might mask the smells at first, but later when the structure adjusts to its normal condition, odors can return, so using the various methods that we do keeps the odors from coming back. We also realize that sometimes what we use to deodorize the bad smells can be more offensive than the original ones, so we ensure that you like the smell of the professional products we are planning on applying before we use them.

SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville knows that getting the odors entirely out of your bathroom once we have dried it up is just as important as cleaning up the damage. Your home in Orchard Garden, Farmington, or Argonne is in good hands when you contact us at (952) 846-4400 to help you with a leak in your bathroom.

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Avoid Water Removal In Your Farmington Residence By Maintaining Your Toilet

11/22/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Avoid Water Removal In Your Farmington Residence By Maintaining Your Toilet Don't wait to call a restoration company such as SERVPRO before it's too late!

Maintenance Helps Prevent Toilet Overflows in Your Farmington Home

It is not difficult to come up with several possible ways that your Farmington home might become damaged by unexpected water. With so many potential hazards that you face as a homeowner, you should always be on the lookout for anything that appears to be running differently than it usually would. An excellent example of this would be your toilet, as by now you should be very familiar with the sound and consistency of a standard flush cycle.

So, what are you trying to listen for or see that might be out of the ordinary? The most immediate threat beyond a pipe break would be sluggish flushing cycles. A compromised cycle might present itself with less water than usual when you attempt to pull the lever, the bowl might take longer than normal to empty, or your tank could take a long time to refill. These could be warning signs. If you do not heed them, you might be soon seeking water removal services for your Farmington residence.

Sluggish flushing can be the result of some potential plumbing problems, but most often it falls into one of two primary reasons. The first of these is freezing water in your pipes. A slow response of water when you go to flush the toilet might indicate that while it is not entirely frozen, portions of your plumbing from your service line to your toilet have been slowed by the creation of ice. Proper insulation of these pipes can prevent this through the coldest months of the year.

Another reason your toilet might be running sluggishly is a blockage in your indoor plumbing or septic system. Blockages in either one of these systems can provide unhealthy pressure in the lines, let alone the probability of backfilling and overflowing the septic system. While noticing a toilet behaving strangely might not be a reason yet to call us at SERVPRO, we can help to diagnose problems with your water system before they require restoration efforts.

Unfortunately, toilets do come with many potential problems. Direct breaks, overflowing and ruptured plumbing are just a small glimpse into the damage they could do to your home. If you are dealing with a water emergency, our certified SERVPRO staff can help remove the water and fix the problem that caused it.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

The important thing is not to wait, even if what you are currently experiencing is minor. Water damage might seem insignificant at first, but with the right circumstances, a literal flood of problems could arise. Call our rapid response team here at SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville anytime at (952) 846-4400.

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Water Damage in a Farmington Home Affects Your Belongings

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage in a Farmington Home Affects Your Belongings Ignored Leaks in a Farmington Home Can Lead to Lost Possessions and Water Damage

SERVPRO Removes Water Swiftly to Reduce Damage to Your Property

Have you ever come home to a soaked rug in your living room or wet linoleum in your kitchen? The stink and the mess are a shock to any Farmington homeowner. A surprising number of times, the cause is a leaky pipe, under the sink, connected to an appliance or in the bathroom.

If water damage happens in your Farmington house, the first step is turning off the water at its source, as long as there are no electrical risks involved. Go to the main shutoff valve in your home. It is usually in the basement, probably on the wall that faces the front of the house.

The next step is to call the team here at SERVPRO for cleanup and restoration. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification offers the guidelines for each member of our team. We have the tools, training, and experience to do a professional job.

Cleanup is not simple. It takes an expert to reclaim your home from water damage. Our expertise covers inspection and assessment of the damage before we start the process of getting your home back to livable condition. That involves removing the water, using dryers and dehumidifiers, then cleaning and sanitizing. When all this is taken care of, we can then restore the affected area to its preloss look. We know how much you prize your possessions, so our focus is on restoring, before replacing, your belongings.

As a homeowner, one of your biggest concerns is mold and mildew from the water. Moisture in carpets, boxes, furniture, ceilings, and walls leads to mold, which can cause health effects and ruin your possessions. The longer these items stay wet, the more likely it is that mold can grow. That is why SERVPRO technicians move quickly to get rid of moisture, using industrial-strength dehumidifiers and air movers. The final step when needed is spraying an antimicrobial product in wetted areas to prevent the proliferation of these fungi.

Speed is critical when your home suffers water damage. SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville is here to help 24/7. Contact us at (952) 846-4400 for service in Farmington, Burnsville, and Lakeville.

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Burnsville Water Damage Has Odor Effects

7/2/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Burnsville Water Damage Has Odor Effects Sewage Backup in Burnsville Uses SERVPRO for Water Extraction and Deodorization

After Removal of the Water, Odor Control Is Often Needed to Finish the Restoration

Removing water with pumps and extractors is the lion’s share of the work with lowering humidity taking most of the remaining time. Even when the personal and structural property is dry to normal levels, there is still the issue of odors.

Although this is usually a minor point, odors left untreated, result in a permanent loss just like any other aspect of water damage in a Burnsville home. When it comes to this final step, SERVPRO is ready with a series of methods designed to handle whatever is in the air or the couch.

The Injection Method works well on spots in the carpet or on upholstered furniture. Technicians use a needle with either a syringe or a pump to inject small amounts of a deodorant chemical directly in the contamination. It is especially effective for removing pet odors.

Direct Spraying utilizes a hand pump or a powered sprayer on larger areas. It is the method we use most when cleaning up after a water disaster. Since this approach soaks the surface, we prefer using it where discoloration of the material is unlikely or is not a concern to the homeowner.

Wet Fogging dispenses a deodorizing agent using a ULV or ultra-low volume fogger. This machine generates tiny particles that penetrate most areas where there is an odor particle. The deodorant particles bind with the odors and neutralize them. Technicians carefully watch the surface they are ‘fogging’ to make certain they do not oversaturate the surface and cause secondary damage.

Our SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians also utilize a Dry Fogging method, dispensing deodorants with a device that forces the chemical through a heating coil. It vaporizes the solution, so it penetrates further into an affected item. Dry Fogging is usually a method used where there are smoke odors, but it is effective on water-borne odors that resist other methods of cleaning.

To augment these methods, technicians use air scrubbers that remove airborne odors by forcing them through special HEPA filters. We also place venting box fans at entry and exit points to bring in cleaner, outside air and force the inside odors out of the home.

Removing water-borne odors from your home is a complicated process, but SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville is here to help our fellow Minnesotans return to their homes as quickly as possible.  If you need us, call today at (952) 846-4400 to get started.

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Concealed Water Causes Big Problems in Burnsville

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Concealed Water Causes Big Problems in Burnsville Don't let water lurk in your modern kitchen and turn into a mold infestation. Call SERVPRO to remediate any suspected water damage fast.

SERVPRO Roots Out Hidden Water in Your Home

It is surprising how many places water finds to hide in a high-end kitchen. Custom cabinets, built in appliances, and tiled floors extending under all fixtures contain water that drips or leaks. You need a professional team and clever plan to eliminate hidden pockets of water. SERVPRO technicians have the curiosity, experience, and training to locate and rid your home of water lurking where it should not be.
Hoses and pipes snake through your kitchen, and a crack or poorly fitting connector means water removal is in the future of your Burnsville home. You expect plumbing in the walls, but today's ice makers, dishwashers, built-in water dispensers, and main floor laundries cause water to be routed everywhere, often behind or through storage areas. Tight seals between the bases of cabinets and floors hold in water that leaks, seeps, or condenses.
Your first clue that you have water pooling under cabinets or appliances might be tell-tale growing dark marks on the ceiling tiles below your kitchen. An “off” smell also warns of water that needs removal, particularly if mold or mildew takes hold. If you cannot find the water causing problems in your home, give the skilled technicians at SERVPRO a try. Trained to detect where water moves from the initial leak, our staff finds the source and devises a plan to remove the water and dry out your structure and fixtures.
Expect our team to pry the kick-plates off the bottom of your cabinetry, locating areas where water collects. Water extractors pull the moisture out, followed by scientifically arranged air movers and dehumidifiers to complete the drying process. We also consider aiming the movers under the subfloor of the kitchen, staging them a level down in your home, aiming up. If ceiling tiles are removable, we pop them out to get more air in the proper areas.
The flooring, including the subfloor, needs evaluation as well. Our crew measures moisture levels to determine whether drying mats might be appropriate to extract more moisture from above and below the surface. SERVPRO professionals set drying targets to ensure no lingering dampness causes rot or mold damage.
Water removal is a core service offered by SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville. Call for an inspection at (952) 846-4400 if you suspect hidden water damages your kitchen.

Unusual Weather Contributes To Burnsville Water Damage

3/26/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Unusual Weather Contributes To Burnsville Water Damage Ice dams require the assistance of SERVPRO Professionals.

Unusual Weather And Water Damage

In Minnesota, a homeowner expects winter snows and spring showers, but recent weather patterns mixed up the precipitation patterns. When iced up gutters are then filled with torrential rainwater the moisture backs up into your attic and seeps down the walls and through the ceiling into your living areas. SERVPRO has vast experience with ice dams and stands ready to restore the water damage.

The winter months have many challenges, but water damage to your Burnsville townhouse is unexpected. Unusually warm temperatures melt the snowy cap on your roof, but stubborn deposits of ice remain, forcing the water under the shingles and into your unfinished overhead storage space. Unanticipated rain and sleet during times when we usually see below zero lows exacerbate the problem. Your first notice of the problem will be a bulging ceiling and some dark staining on the master suite walls.

Do not ignore the problem until the weather warms or try to manage the damage by yourself. Ice dams, as these phenomena are called, require the assistance of SERVPRO Professionals. We investigate the tiny gaps where warm air, augmented by the rains, melt the snow on your roof. These breaches and the accumulation of icy water leaking into them need repair before restoring the water damage. We work with your roofing contractor to ensure the water source is eliminated.

Then we focus on the water damage. Our goal is always to restore rather than remove and replace. The condition of the ceiling and walls dictates if some or all of the drywall or tiles need to be replaced. Areas showing warping may need to be torn out, and fresh material installed. If we see evidence of mold, the colony needs removal as does the wallboard or ceiling section infested with the fungus. Mold remediation is a job for experts. Dampness without distortion or microbial activity responds to our drying techniques, including air movers, dehumidifiers, and heat. After the affected areas reach their drying target, as determined by our precise moisture measuring devices, touch up painting completes the job. SERVPRO sends only highly trained and qualified technicians to restore your home and works with you in a fully transparent way throughout the process. We help with insurance claims, too.

Call on SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville to manage a tough ice dam issue atop your home. Our friendly operators answer round the clock at (952) 846-4400.