Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Pressure washing siding and soffit after a fire

Pressure washing siding and soffit after a fire

This picture shows us pressure washing soot from a house.

After applying a heavy duty soot degreaser to the surface and allowing a short dwell time to loosen soot particles, we then pressure wash the soffit and siding to prepare for painting. 

Fire damage at a church

Fire damage cleaning at a church

In order to reach the peak of the high vaulted church ceiling, it was necessary for us to use a scissor lift to ensure that nothing was missed during our structure cleaning.

Fire Damage Repair In Orchard Garden

A fire in your home can be disastrous, and our team is ready to help 24/7. We have the specialized equipment, advanced training, IICRC certification, and fire damage experience needed to restore your home to pre-damage condition. When it comes to fire damage repair the team at SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville is your only choice.

Fire Damage – Lakeville Condo

Fire damage at this Lakeville condominium resulted from an electrical fire in the wiring of this water heater. The fire damage was minimal, but there was significant soot and smoke damage to the utility room and the adjoining hallway. SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville can facilitate repair of the faulty wiring and clean up the soot, and smoke damage using SERVPRO tested and proven products and procedures.

Frying Pan Fire in Lakeville

The frying pan was unattended and charred the chicken and left a soot-like residue in this Lakeville kitchen. SERVPRO always attempts to clean up and repair before replacing building elements. Homeowners are very appreciative of saving them money and inconvenience. This mess can be wiped down and the ceiling primed before the final restoration.

Fire Damage – Burnsville Home

Fire damage at this Burnsville home left much of the home with severe soot and smoke damage. Pictured is a bathroom in the house with severe soot and smoke damage. The fire had burnt very hot, which promoted the movement of the soot and smoke throughout the house.