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Make the Right Decision When Responding to Fire Damage in Farmington

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Make the Right Decision When Responding to Fire Damage in Farmington After a fire has damaged your property, call SERVPRO anytime, day or night, to remediate the damage.

Rely on SERVPRO to Properly Restore Your Property after Fire Damage

Fire damage remains a common problem, and a place like Farmington is not an exception. Fire is destructive and can even lead to a permanent or temporary closure of any business. The water damages caused by fire can bring about mold invasion which can cause health effects.

Luckily, there are steps you can quickly take to recover from the incident. Being organized and keeping a record of the happenings during the fire outbreak is essential. Having emergency contacts of fire damage restoration companies in Farmington is crucial also. One such firm is SERVPRO – our restoration operations are recognized by IICRC.

As the owner of the property, you may easily disregard the damages caused by fire. If you do that, soon you will be welcomed by unpleasant odors whose source is hard to locate. That is why you need the services of restorers. Eradicating smoke and grunge is not easy as they are tricky to identify and can stick on difficult to reach areas. With the assistance of our qualified restoration team, you can effortlessly get a secure and healthy working area once again.

There are several roles we perform when we do our fire restoration. First, we begin by explaining the restoration process to the property owner and analyze the level of damage. We then identify what can be restored and work towards preventing the property from experiencing secondary destruction.

When performing all these, we act professionally, remain organized, and in uniform. Our top priority is satisfying our customers, and we never lose that focus from our initial inspection to the final steps of the restoration process. Once you call SERVPRO, you will be asked to provide all the information regarding the fire damage. This is necessary for us to respond with the suitable equipment.

Our qualified staff at SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville provide 24/7 services to everyone. You can reach us at (952) 846-4400 for reliable help.

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Commercial Water Damage in a Farmington Family-Owned Retail Shop

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage in a Farmington Family-Owned Retail Shop SERVPRO can help your Farmington business recover from water damage. Let us take care of your property!

Learn How To Recover After Water Damage Strikes Your Farmington Commercial Property

Family-owned businesses used to be much more common than they are today, and those that still exist often have a rich history. Farmington's businesses, both family-owned and those under corporate management, can suffer different setbacks, some of which come from everyday water.

Business owners and their families can protect their Farmington businesses from commercial water damage. Professional mitigation of leaks and the damage caused can restore a business quickly, “Like it never even happened.” Our well-trained SERVPRO professionals have the skills and experience required to quell the spread of water to other, non-damaged areas of your business while removing the existing damage simultaneously.

For areas that have already sustained damage and show signs of it, we quickly remove the offending materials and replace them with matched materials. At times, there is no need for replacements and restorative work such as cleaning and treatments suffice. Much depends on the type of materials and the length of time those materials came in contact with the water.

Slow leaks can leave stains on ceilings and walls, while other leaks are capable of causing ceilings to collapse under the weight of hidden water. When ceilings bow downward, water must be considered a likely cause. After checking for the presence of water with moisture-detecting equipment, we drill tiny weep holes that permit any water to drain safely. Refastening the ceiling is possible but only after it has dried, and only if there is no permanent damage. Otherwise, a new ceiling is required.

Selling to the local neighborhood and others who pass through your area takes a dip whenever customers perceive there is a problem with your store. Keeping racks and shelves clean is a must, and water damage can make these seem filthy. We can clean and sanitize these so that not only is any water damage eliminated but dirt and grime from normal activities no longer show.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville enjoys the opportunity to serve both large and small businesses in our local area. The wide range of businesses helps keep our economy healthy and growing. Helping you stay in business is crucial to our area, and we can help you recover from water damage. Contact us at (952) 846-4400, so we can go to work for you.

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Factors to Consider When Assessing Flood Damage in Farmington Homes

10/20/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Factors to Consider When Assessing Flood Damage in Farmington Homes Our technicians help you deal with all aspects of flooding from the initial inspection and insurance paperwork to reconstruction of your home.

SERVPRO Technicians Assess the Damage After a Flood and then Proceed With Drying Out Your Property

Floods continue to pose a serious threat for many Farmington homeowners. Indeed, statistics suggest that flooding is getting worse over time, both in terms of the frequency of the floods and the damage being sustained. Since flood damage control strategies often require a massive diversion of resources, it is preferable to assess whether the efforts justify the resources expanded.
If you are looking for quick and immediate flood damage restoration services in Farmington, look no further than SERVPRO. We have a dedicated team of IICRC-certified technicians who are ready to respond swiftly to your emergency. Our actions are meant to restore your property to preloss conditions as best as possible, "Like it never even happened."
There are several factors to consider when assessing flood damage. While pricing, policy cover, operational, and policyholder-led requirements are essential, the goal is to focus on high-level restoration activities. The recovery approach we take has an impact on cost and consumer satisfaction.
Several variations are involved to ensure the best solution is provided. SERVPRO flood damage restoration experts must maintain an understanding of the materials used in the construction of the building, and how they react to water damage. We also consider any defects that may contribute to secondary damage.
The interaction between the surface components and subsurface flow parts plays a significant role in the initial flood damage. Damage characteristics vary, for instance in the extent of the structural failure of buildings. Weather-related flooding usually comes with intense wave action and is often polluted. SERVPRO technicians must consider the type of flood damage in play, including clean, black and gray water damage.
Older people are more susceptible to floods than young, mobile people. In responding to emergency situations, SERVPRO technicians prioritize safety over everything else. After ensuring that the area is evacuated, we consider whether it is necessary to move out the affected items to another location for restoration.
If you are stuck in a flood damage situation, SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville is here to help. From repairing the damage and clearing the mess to collaborating with loss adjusters and your insurance company, our comprehensive services are designed to take away the stress and help get your life back to order in no time. Call us today at (952) 846-4400.

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Professional Mold Remediation Services For Farmington Area Residents

10/11/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Professional Mold Remediation Services For Farmington Area Residents Unless you check the attic of your home after every storm, mold damage may be a problem without you even knowing.

Professional Mold Remediation Services

A recent storm with high winds, damage to your roof, improperly maintained sheeting and damaged gutters all allow water to creep into the attic of your Farmington area home. These conditions give mold the perfect environment to spread. Since the majority of homeowners spend limited time in the attic of their home, months can go by before discovering problems that exist.

Unless you check the attic of your Farmington area home after every storm, mold damage may be a problem without you even knowing. Without the proper experience or equipment, it can be hard to identify possible problems and therefore rot, corrosion and mold take their toll on the rafters, beams, and other structural components of your roof.

It takes a trained professional to get these problems under control correctly. SERVPRO gives you access to IICRC technicians with years of experience providing mold remediation services in homes just like yours. Having your attic inspected is something that everyone should consider, especially if it has been a while since you took a look at the condition of your attic.

While it is true that every job is different, SERVPRO can help you limit any losses and get mold growth in your home’s attic under control, vastly improving your indoor air quality. You may have additional mold contamination in your HVAC system, slowly spreading mold throughout your home every time you turn your heating or air conditioning on. It would be better to know about and handle a smaller problem now than live for months without knowing about any exposure.

With a single call, you can have highly trained professionals working to make your home safe for you and your family again. SERVPRO uses the latest equipment and cleaning methods to get the job done right the first time. Our technicians follow a strict outline for the handling and removal of saturated materials on your property, along with guidelines set by the EPA, and any local, state, or federal agencies that help protect our environment.

Contact SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville for quality, efficient solutions to mold problems anywhere in your home. We service Lakeville, Argonne, and Deer Park as well and are proud to serve our local communities, call today (952) 846-4400.

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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services Available In Farmington

10/10/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services Available In Farmington As with any fire situation, water becomes a major concern.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Designing quality restoration services to meet your every need takes some real effort. You need technicians who understand how to treat specific materials, use tools of the trade correctly, and have a true desire to help you restore your Farmington area home.

Our team supplies you with dedicated, trustworthy, and caring fire damage restoration professionals in Farmington. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, with emergency services of all types available 24-hours a day, all year long. We provide customers with full-service solutions they can count on to get things under control after emergencies occur.

The SERVPRO technicians that respond to your call are fully IICRC-certified and follow strict guidelines set by the EPA, OSHA, as well as local, state, and federal institutions. We handle the disposal of all contaminated materials correctly and use advanced equipment to clean and deodorize your entire home.

As with any fire situation, water becomes a major concern. If not attended to correctly, the water helps different types of residue seep further into your furniture, floors, walls, and other contents. SERVPRO acts fast, making sure that we mitigate as much damage as possible, restoring items that many consider lost.

Smoke, soot, and ash leave stains, odors, and damage in their wake long after the flames are out. SERVPRO technicians have access to all of the training, equipment, and resources to bring your home back to life after a fire. Water extractors, moisture detectors, air movers, and knowledge help our technicians provide you with a quality restoration, every time.

You never have to tackle these situations alone; professional help is a single phone call away. Our technicians give you a leg-up, providing preventative recommendations, as well as helping you recover after an event. Whether you want to address current fire damage or prevent future events, make the call to our offices today.

SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville offers customers throughout Lakeville, Argonne, and Deer Park valuable, trustworthy services that help you deal with disastrous situations and manage the entire process from beginning to end. Call our professional staff for more information or to schedule an appointment, today (952) 846-4400.

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Water Damage in a Farmington Home Affects Your Belongings

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage in a Farmington Home Affects Your Belongings Ignored Leaks in a Farmington Home Can Lead to Lost Possessions and Water Damage

SERVPRO Removes Water Swiftly to Reduce Damage to Your Property

Have you ever come home to a soaked rug in your living room or wet linoleum in your kitchen? The stink and the mess are a shock to any Farmington homeowner. A surprising number of times, the cause is a leaky pipe, under the sink, connected to an appliance or in the bathroom.

If water damage happens in your Farmington house, the first step is turning off the water at its source, as long as there are no electrical risks involved. Go to the main shutoff valve in your home. It is usually in the basement, probably on the wall that faces the front of the house.

The next step is to call the team here at SERVPRO for cleanup and restoration. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification offers the guidelines for each member of our team. We have the tools, training, and experience to do a professional job.

Cleanup is not simple. It takes an expert to reclaim your home from water damage. Our expertise covers inspection and assessment of the damage before we start the process of getting your home back to livable condition. That involves removing the water, using dryers and dehumidifiers, then cleaning and sanitizing. When all this is taken care of, we can then restore the affected area to its preloss look. We know how much you prize your possessions, so our focus is on restoring, before replacing, your belongings.

As a homeowner, one of your biggest concerns is mold and mildew from the water. Moisture in carpets, boxes, furniture, ceilings, and walls leads to mold, which can cause health effects and ruin your possessions. The longer these items stay wet, the more likely it is that mold can grow. That is why SERVPRO technicians move quickly to get rid of moisture, using industrial-strength dehumidifiers and air movers. The final step when needed is spraying an antimicrobial product in wetted areas to prevent the proliferation of these fungi.

Speed is critical when your home suffers water damage. SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville is here to help 24/7. Contact us at (952) 846-4400 for service in Farmington, Burnsville, and Lakeville.

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Staying Safe Around Mold Damage in Your Burnsville Home

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Staying Safe Around Mold Damage in Your Burnsville Home Face masks can effectively protect you from some types of mold found in your home.

Rely on SERVPRO professionals to remediate mold damage in your home

There are many different types of mold, each with its unique properties and abilities. While almost all of them are bad for your home, some can also be bad for you and your loved ones. Some types of mold can cause health effects, especially with long-term exposure, so protecting yourself should be a top priority after the discovery of significant mold damage in your Burnsville home. For less-serious cases, some of these precautions may be excessive, so use proper judgment for each, but remember that too much safety is rarely a bad thing when dealing with mold.

Face Masks

Some of the most dangerous effects of mold damage in Burnsville can be mitigated effectively through the use of face masks. Face masks are inexpensive and available at most general stores and supermarkets, consisting of a specially-made paper cup with an elastic band designed to cover the nose and mouth of their wearers. These devices can effectively block many airborne dangers without restricting breathing, for little monetary investment. Keep in mind, however, that these are not always an ideal solution, as some airborne toxins and compounds may still cause health effects even when the masks are worn properly.

Gloves and Close-Toed Shoes

Some types of mold may also cause adverse health effects if they come into contact with exposed skin. When in an area with exposed mold, you should always wear gloves and close-toed shoes to ensure that no skin comes into contact with the fungus. Note that even with gloves on you should never touch mold, as this may help spread spores around your home. SERVPRO technicians sometimes must wear full-body suits around, especially bad infestations, so never underestimate mold you come across.

Let Us Take Care of It

Many homeowners first try to remove the mold themselves before placing a call to SERVPRO. Unfortunately, most only end up making the problem worse and sometimes hurting themselves in the process. Leave the mold remediation to the professionals, and above all, never try to remove mold with household cleaning tools and chemicals.

SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville has been helping residents with mold infestations for years. For quality service and certified excellence, give us a call at (952) 846-4400.

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Responding to Fire Damage in Lakeville Area Homes

9/7/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Responding to Fire Damage in Lakeville Area Homes Fire damage can be extensive. Contact SERVPRO so that we can be your partner during this tumultuous time in your life.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Quickly to Start the Fire Damage Remediation Process in Your Home

Having a fire occur on your Lakeville property can present you with a variety of issues. With the possibility of both structural and content damage, it helps to find a restoration company that has experience dealing with every aspect of your recovery.

Luckily, SERVPRO has a full team of IICRC-industry certified technicians available to treat fire damage throughout the Lakeville area. We have several years experience providing homeowners with quality solutions to damages caused by emergency situations and are available, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, year round to provide these services to you.  

The extent of fire damage is not limited to the materials flames can reach, often leading to additional smoke and soot damage that spread chemical residues throughout your home. Along with that, you have additional water damage, as well as many other hazards that make returning your home to a quality condition, tougher. Your SERVPRO team works fast to get secondary damages under control, saving many belongings you might have thought lost forever.

Our services were developed to adjust to fit each job, giving us an opportunity to produce quality results you can count on to limit your losses and reduce costs associated with your claim. We work with your insurance representative to ensure a stress-free restoration process while also paying close attention to your concerns as well. SERVPRO technicians take each challenge in stride, providing unique solutions to fit your current situation.  

We help you understand what is happening and provide you with solutions to restore your property as fast as possible while maintaining a safe, healthy environment for everyone involved. Our technicians use personal protective equipment such as boots, gloves, masks, and full-body suits to protect themselves when necessary and insist on following EPA, local, state, and federal guidelines on every job.  

Contact SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville to receive restoration services from qualified professionals who care about your property and want to limit any losses you might experience. Get the help you deserve, today. (952) 846-4400

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Contact SERVPRO If You Have Mold Damage In Your Farmington Home

8/19/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Contact SERVPRO If You Have Mold Damage In Your Farmington Home Having mold spores in a home is a common situation.

Mold Damage In Your Property

Having mold spores in a home is a common situation. Every home has them to some degree, and no amount of cleaning removes them all. It is when spores become active that they begin to grow and cause damage to homes and personal property. Growth happens when spores find themselves in the right mixture of temperature, moisture, and source of food.

When the growth goes on long enough in a Farmington home, then the threat of mold damage begins. SERVPRO knows that a fast response by a professional service can mean the difference between restoring a home with its property and having to deal with the expense of replacing items. We have developed four procedures that cover every action needed to return your home and assets to a safe state for you and your family.

First, we contain the infestation. We want to prevent mold from spreading to unaffected areas of the home. That means sealing off the heating and air vents to stop mold from getting into the ducts. In case we do find mold in the ducts, this stops one way of it traveling to other rooms. Technicians then seal off the affected rooms using plastic sheeting across doors and windows.

Second, we remove the mold. It may require us to remove property from the affected rooms, but our priority is to clean and remove mold from structural surfaces and personal property at the site whenever possible. Technicians use vacuums to trap all loose spores from surfaces and then use a combination of dry and wet sponges and cloths to remove surface mold.

For building material with heavy growth, we remove and dispose of it according to Minnesota State regulations. For personal property that requires stronger cleaning methods, we remove it to our local facility where we can safely clean and eliminate the mold from items such as sofas, curtains, and even clothing.

Our third procedure is to clean out the settled spores. Previous actions disturb and release mold spores into the air. After allowing enough time for them to settle on the newly clean surfaces, technicians wipe down any loose spores using dry cloths and sponges. They repeat this task as often as necessary.

The last procedure to dry the materials, property, and air in the affected rooms. We do this by setting up dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the air and air movers to force warm, dry air across surfaces which needed wet cleaning. By drawing down the moisture levels, we remove one of the factors required for mold to grow again after we finish the task.

Removing mold from your home and restoring it to a clean condition means hiring an expert. SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville has over twenty years of experience in helping our neighbors put their homes back together so they can continue with a normal life. If you need our help, call today at (952) 846-4400.

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Restoring Office Documents After a Commercial Water Damage Emergency in Burnsville

8/2/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoring Office Documents After a Commercial Water Damage Emergency in Burnsville Wet Documents and Books in a Burnsville Office Get Help from SERVPRO

Trust SERVPRO to Restore Your Water Damaged Office Swiftly

Water or moisture from burst/leaky pipes, natural flooding, or just humidity can damage electronics and ruin precious documents. The results can be frustrating to the business. Indeed, it can compromise important files such as highly confidential information, work-in-progress, or time-sensitive files. Worse still, Business Continuity experts estimate that at least 50 percent of businesses that lose critical data can go out of business after the incident.

Given the significance of securing these documents, you need to contact a water damage restoration expert immediately. SERVPRO has highly skilled technicians who can restore your files in a commercial water damage situation in Burnsville. Time is not on your side though, so you must act fast. Waiting too long can thwart the restoration process and increase the chance of mold growth.
The first part of the water damage restoration process is finding the right method to save wet and damaged books and documents. The main priority is to prevent further damage and dry items as effectively as possible. Our professionals use five main drying methods for documents: air-drying, freezer drying, dehumidification, vacuum thermal drying, and vacuum freeze drying. SERVPRO has the equipment to salvage even artwork and precious personal treasures through this process called lyophilization.
When drying items, SERVPRO technicians rely on a process called sublimation – the changing of a solid directly into vapor. During this stage, we consider several things, including the type of water involved (black, gray, or clean), the value of specific files, the period of exposure to moisture, and extent of water damage. The process can lead to brittle paper with smeared ink, as well as a disruption of the document organization or filing system.
While restoring the wet papers to their original quality may not be possible, SERVPRO specialists can save the materials with good enough quality to be partially restored or digitally stored. This part involves scanning the documents and converting them into a digital format. The original files are then organized and returned to their proper place.
In over 90 percent of all water damage cases involving paper, restoration to a quality standard is possible. If you act fast, SERVPRO of Burnsville / Lakeville can reverse the water damage for you. Get in touch with us anytime at (952) 846-4400.

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